series of dance and movement workshops

Dance and movement workshops, which in a cyclical form took place throughout the year in cooperation with various institutions in Poland.

Workshops were focusing on releasing the creative potential of the participants using alternative tools to create movement as well as choreographic and improvisational practices that increased the ability to build trust and body awareness, also to help generate and compose movement. During workshops I was focusing on enriching the knowledge, abilities and movement skills of the participants, through creation, observation of collaborative activities and constructive opinions.

The aim of the workshop was to work with people who, for various reasons, found themselves in a situation of social exclusion, as well as with people having difficult access to the art of dance and artistic education.

Workshops with „Nowi w Nowym” Theater Group held as part of the activities of Warsztat Terapii Zajęciowej „Przylesie” run by Stowarzyszenie „Na Tak”

Warsztat Terapii Zajęciowej „Przylesie” Poznań

Workshops with a group of deaf, blind and deaf-blind people, employees and volunteers of the Towarzystwo Pomocy Głuchoniewidomym, Wielkopolska Jednostka Wojewódzka

Towarzystwo Pomocy Głuchoniewidomym
Wielkopolska Jednostka Wojewódzka

Workshops with a group of actors, guardians and employees of Theater 21 and those interested in working with people with disabilities

Theater 21 Warsaw

Workshop took place as part of the Centrum Sztuki Włączającej DOWNTOWN, run by the Biennale Warszawa and Fundacja Teatr 21.

Workshops with a group of six men

Areszt Śledczy Poznań

Workshops with a group of seniors, adults and young people often appearing as extras in the repertoire of the Teatr Fredry

Teatr Fredry Gniezno

Workshops with students of Zespół Szkół Zawodowych nr 6 im. Joachima Lelewela in Poznań

Zespół Szkół Zawodowych nr 6 im. Joachima Lelewela Poznań

Workshops with the Akademicki Teatr Granda working at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Teatr Granda UAM Poznań

Workshops with a group of women from the local community of Kołata

Fundacja „Zawsze Razem” Kołata, gmina Pobiedziska

Workshops with students of STA Acting Studio

STA Acting Studio Poznań

Warsztaty dla studentów kulturoznawstwa UAM w ramach przedmiotu Teatr jako performans

Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza Poznań


funded by a scholarship grant from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage