Wolfman's Intermezzo

(13 unfinished scenes)

The special thing about Wolfman’s intermezzo is the personality of the choreographer Dennis Day and his way of working. Hailing from Orkney Island (UK) he is a performance artist who previously studied oceanography, he used to be a part of many ocean expeditions and he used to work as a radar engineer on cargo ships and rigs. That is where he discovered his interests in performance art.

All of his productions are created on the computer, he has developed his own movement notation system, which he uses to follow the dancers and to correct the creation and progress of the work, communicating only via e-mail.

idea: Dennis Day
soundtrack: collage
dancers: Amadeus Berauer, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Verena Kline, Vanessa Lopez, Janusz Orlik, Anna Reitbauer, Kristian Tirsgaard, Marlene Wolfsberger

November 13th, 2002

Republik, Salzburg, Austria