Vincent Dance Theatre
On The House

Taking place in white box gallery or black box theatre spaces with no conventional seating, On the House exists as a looped video and sound installation, inhabited at specific times by a live performance. A glasshouse sits in the middle of the space, the floor is covered with leaves and the audience sits as close to or far from the action as they wish, moving around the space as the piece unfolds.

Video imagery is projected across the corners of the performance space and onto the floor, creating a playful, rustic environment in which a man and a woman share the space. In a live duet a man and a woman slide, talk, sing, swing, perch and fight - every act visible through the transparent walls of the glass dwelling.

At times where there is no live action, Vincent Dance Theatre's 35mm short film Glasshouse, a dark and brooding study of a relationship gone wrong loops in the space. On the House uncovers a universe where real, filmed, choreographed and imagined time frames kaleidoscope into one affecting and intimate event.

On the House was originally commissioned in 2000 by Site Gallery (Sheffield) and Arnolfini (Bristol).

(from the company's production notes)

direction / video installation: Charlotte Vincent
set design: Richard Lowdon
soundtrack: John Avery
devised and performed: TC Howard, Janusz Orlik (3rd cast)
production manager: James Harrison

April 11th, 2003

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, United Kingdom

April 12th, 2003
Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, United Kingdom

April 26th, 2003
The Point DARTS, Doncaster, United Kingdom

April 29th, 2003
Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, United Kingdom

May 2nd, 2003
Rotherham Arts Centre, Rotherham, United Kingdom

October 15th, 2003
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster, United Kingdom

October 20th, 2003
Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom

October 21st, 2003
Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom

October 27th, 2003
Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, United Kingdom

October 28th, 2003
Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, United Kingdom

November 3rd, 2003
Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance, United Kingdom

November 5th, 2003
Arts Centre, Colchester, United Kingdom

November 6th, 2003
University College, Chichester, United Kingdom

November 13th, 2003
The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, United Kingdom

November 14th, 2003
Lindsey Community College, Cleethorpes, United Kingdom

February 4th, 2004
The Junction, Cambridge, United Kingdom

February 6th, 2004
Exmouth University Campus, Exmouth, United Kingdom

May 1st, 2004
Contemporary Arts Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania