Locus amoenus

Choreography by Rose Breuss created for „Archive tanzen” festival. It tells a story about a place of harmony, hope, fulfilment, a place that is not real, that is magical. Famous Austrian puppeteer and actor, Christoph Bochdansky, has created a puppet for the performance. Dance was inspired by baroque era and the puppet was the main partner for the dancers. Soundtrack was a original composition by Hannes Loeschel.

choreography: Rose Breuss
puppet: Christoph Bochdansky
soundtrack: Hannes Löschel
costumes: Daniela Holzinger
dramaturgy: Jürgen Bauer
dancers: Verena Kline, Janusz Orlik, Marlene Wolfsberger

July 12th, 2002

Elisabethbühne, Petersbrunnhof, Salzburg, Austria

July 13th, 2002
Elisabethbühne, Petersbrunnhof, Salzburg, Austria
Archive Tanzen

September 21st, 2002
Pförtnerhaus, Feldkirch, Austria
Feldkircher Tanzherbst